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Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League

2023 All-Tournament Teams Announced!

Most Valuable Player, Most Valuable Goaltender, and Playmaker chosen for each division!

 May 11th, 2023 at 11:31PM  May 12th, 2023 6:01PM

Congratulations to all the teams and student athletes who participated at the 2023 National Collegiate Roller Hockey Championships in Irvine, California. The NCRHA would like to further recognize the following players, who have earned the honor of being selected for the 2023 All-Tournament Team. Congratulations to all!



1st Team:

Jackson Wozniak - Lindenwood University

Ruben Gonzalez – Grand Canyon University

Christian Acosta - Lindenwood University

Connor Bradley – Lindenwood University

Jacob Robinson - Lindenwood University


2nd Team:

Nicholas DellaMorte - Lindenwood University

Matthew Hawkins – Farmingdale State College

Ian Edwards – Slippery Rock University

Tyler Blaszkowski – Henry Ford College

Lane Hartwell – Arizona State University


Most Valuable Player: Christian Acosta - Lindenwood University

Most Valuable Goaltender: Lane Hartwell - Arizona State University

Playmaker: Connor Bradley – Lindenwood University




1st Team:

Lukas Miller – The Ohio State University

Giovanni Palombo – Robert Morris University

Robert Strianese – The Ohio State University

Derek Le – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Louie Garcia – The Ohio State University


2nd Team:

Jason Stitt - Northeastern University

Noah Sargent – University of Massachusetts

Owen Gallagher – University of Massachusetts

Justin Stergos – Endicott College

Michael Metcalf – University of Massachusetts


Most Valuable Player: Lukas Miller – The Ohio State University

Most Valuable Goaltender: Louie Garcia – The Ohio State University

Playmaker: Robert Strianese – The Ohio State University




1st Team:

Zachary Deemer – Neumann University

Andrew McGinley – Neumann University

Anthony Putter – Neumann University

Vinson Guigliano – Quinnipiac University

Andrew Miller – Quinnipiac University


2nd Team:

Matthew Augustine – Cal Poly Pomona

Mason Martinez – Colorado State University

Lewie Schacht – University of Florida

Britt Bischoff – Hofstra University

Noah Maikisch – Neumann University


Most Valuable Player: Zachary Deemer – Neumann University

Most Valuable Goaltender: Noah Maikisch – Neumann University

Playmaker: Andrew McGinley – Neumann University




1st Team:

Patrick Moore – University of Arizona

Landon Kooker – Lindenwood University

Dillon Dale – Lindenwood University

Cameron Rodriguez – Lindenwood University

Clayton Davis – Lindenwood University


2nd Team:

Price McDonald – Slippery Rock University

Bryce Pierce – Lindenwood University

Cade Wheeler – Slippery Rock University

Christian Michalowski – University of Arizona

Ethan Valentine – University of Arizona


Most Valuable Player: Landon Kooker - Lindenwood University

Most Valuable Goaltender: Clayton Davis - Lindenwood University

Playmaker: Dillon Dale - Lindenwood University



Division I Honorable Mention:

Matt Cornish – Arizona State University

Logan Corrigan – Arizona State University

Gavin Davis – Bethel University

Trevor Haertl – Bethel University

Zach Hoffman – Bethel University

Ryan Ro – Bethel University

Jason Santoriello – Bethel University

Kyle Wedbush – Bethel University

Matthew Budington – Farmingdale State College

Michael Muccio-Schrimpe – Farmingdale State College

Luciano Signoretti – Farmingdale State College

Sean O’Donnell – Farmingdale State College

Brydon Frisk – Grand Canyon University

Guido Pacheco – Grand Canyon University

Aydin Schwetz – Grand Canyon University

Carter Pattenaude – Henry Ford College

Marky Hager – Lindenwood University

Brycon Haney-Johnson – Lindenwood University

Sean Maude – Lindenwood University

Clayton Liefeld – Lindenwood University

Parker Winkelmann – Lindenwood University

Brian Cutler – Rowan University

Michael Lieze – Rowan University

Logan Johnson – Slippery Rock University

Jacob Roman – Slippery Rock University

Justin Symons – Slippery Rock University

Matthew Vrankovich – Slippery Rock University



Division II Honorable Mention:

Hudson Fox – University of Arizona

Jack Sapra – University of Arizona

Dylan Smith – University of Arizona

Ethan Zorbas – University of Arizona

Nick Blakewell – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

EJ Gabriel – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Nicholas Norcia – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Ethan Vernik – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Braden Brown – SUNY Cortland

Michael Luzopone – SUNY Cortland

Michael Miano – SUNY Cortland

Michael Rovinsky – SUNY Cortland

Ryan Tuckwood – CSU Fullerton

Kurt Yano – CSU Fullerton

Colby Ciffolillo – Endicott College

George Gatzoulis – Endicott College

Nick Kavanaugh – Endicott College

Brian McDonald – Endicott College

Owen Connolly – University of Massachusetts

Michael Curtin – University of Massachusetts

Quinn Mulligan – Northeastern University

Peter Rydzynski – Northeastern University

Dylan Sapienza – Northeastern University

Jake Cook – The Ohio State University

John Mascitelli – The Ohio State University

Bradley Ryniawec – The Ohio State University

Roman Kraemer – Robert Morris University

Jarrett Tomazich – Robert Morris University

Shane Yobbi – Robert Morris University

Anthony Samarkos – University of Tampa

Demitri Samarkos – University of Tampa

Jeffrey Gross – Temple University

Jerry McGeoy – Temple University



Division III Honorable Mention:

Justin Davids – Boston University

John McKaughlin – Boston University

Brayden Fleming – Cal Poly Pomona

Alex Masini – University of Colorado

Keegan Barker – Colorado State University

Kaden Lelli – Colorado State University

Braden Follenius – University of Florida

David Stenzel – University of Florida

Jared Thompson – University of Florida

Phillip Vanderlaat – University of Florida

Shane Katen – Florida Gulf Coast University

Matthew Redfering – Florida Gulf Coast University

Collin Ewald – Hofstra University

Jacob Otto – Illinois State University

Sean Scanlon – Maryville University

Blake Becker – Missouri S&T

Kyle Chernich – Missouri S&T

Brian Barnett – Neumann University

Nicholas Pullano – Neumann University

Frank Alessi – SUNY Oswego

Matthew Quast – SUNY Oswego

Gianlucia Chiodi – Quinnipiac University

Stephen DiGiovanna – Quinnipiac University

Nicholas Dimitrakiou – Quinnipiac University

Nicholas Monfredo – Quinnipiac Univrsity

Tim Ribadeneyra – Quinnipiac University

Eli Bloom – University of Rhode Island

Christian Sannicandro – University of Rhode Island

Colby Benway – Rochester Institute of Technology

Martin Hoffnagle – Rochester Institute of Technology

Andrew Martins Rodriguez – UC Santa Barbara

Brad Price – UC Santa Barbara

Gabriel Frigo – University of Vermont

Benji Froom – Yeshiva University

Zachary Levy – Yeshiva University

Michael Mintz – Yeshiva University



AA Division Honorable Mention:

Grant Marcy – University of Arizona

Tyler Pear – University of Arizona

Ethan Briggs – Arizona State University

Jacob Crayne – Arizona State University

Zack Dartez – Arizona State University

Miles Gurrola – Arizona State University

Ethan Kreller – CSU Fullerton

Samantha Kat Reyes – CSU Fullerton

Connor Bowden – Farmingdale State College

Alessandro Costantino – Farmingdale State College

Dean Rotella – Farmingdale State College

Frankie Saracino – Farmingdale State College

Sean Soto – Farmingdale State College

Nicholas Valentine – Farmingdale State College

Chase Christopher – Lindenwood University

Nils Thegerstrom – Lindenwood University

Kade Uetz – Lindenwood University

Trevor West – Lindenwood University

Reis Davis – Michigan State University

Parker Young – Michigan State University

Chris Bobuk – Slippery Rock University

Nick Hultz – Slippery Rock University

Cameron Miller – Slippery Rock University

Clayton Williams – Slippery Rock University

Mark Elfond – University of Massachusetts

Benjamin Thomas – University of Massachusetts

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