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Midwest Collegiate Roller Hockey League

Schedule & Results

MCRHL Inter Regional

Season: 2019-2020 Date: January 25, 2020
Type: Tournament Facility: Hat Trick Hockey (Palatine, IL)
Event Details

Confirmed Inter Regional Teams:

DI - Arizone State (WCRHL), Bethel University (GPCIHL), Lindenwood University (GPCIHL), Michigan State (MCRHL), Slippery Rock (ECHRA)

DIV - Bethel University (GPCIHL), Grand Valley State (MCRHL), Lindenwood University (GPCHIL), Michigan State (MCRHL)

MCRHL Teams Playing Regular Season Games:

DIII - DePaul, Illinois State (GPCHIL), Michigan Tech, Ohio State

DIV - Grand Valley State

If any teams from out of conference are interested in attending, please contact Jeff Nolan at [email protected] for more information.

Saturday, January 25th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
8:00AM1-RegGrand Valley State (D4) - 5Ohio State (D3) - 1Final
9:00AM1D3NonMichigan Tech - 0Illinois State - 10Final
10:00AM1D1NonLindenwood - 5Slippery Rock - 4Final (OT)
11:00AM1D4NonLindenwood Gold - 6Michigan State - 0Final
12:00PM1D4NonBethel - 7Grand Valley State - 0Final
1:00PM1D1NonLindenwood - 3Bethel - 2Final
2:00PM1D1NonMichigan State - 5Slippery Rock - 3Final
3:00PM1D3NonOhio State - 5Illinois State - 8Final
4:00PM1D3RegMichigan Tech - 2DePaul - 4Final
5:00PM1D4NonLindenwood Gold - 8Michigan State - 1Final
6:00PM1D1NonBethel - 2Michigan State - 3Final
7:00PM1D1NonLindenwood - 3Slippery Rock - 5Final
8:00PM1-RegGrand Valley State (D4) - 10Michigan Tech (D3) - 1Final
9:00PM1D3RegOhio State - 6DePaul - 3Final
10:00PM1D4NonBethel - 3Michigan State - 4Final (OT)
Sunday, January 26th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
7:00AM1-RegDePaul (D3) - 4Grand Valley State (D4) - 9Final
8:00AM1D1NonMichigan State - 6Bethel - 3Final
9:00AM1D3RegMichigan Tech - 2Ohio State - 10Final
10:00AM1D4NonBethel - 2Michigan State - 4Final
11:00AM1D1NonBethel - 4Slippery Rock - 5Final (OT)
12:00PM1D4NonLindenwood Gold - 5Grand Valley State - 1Final
1:00PM1D1NonLindenwood - 2Michigan State - 3Final (OT)
2:00PM1D3NonDePaul - 1Illinois State - 8Final

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